1.10.0 status

It's been too long since I updated the list with the 1.10.0 status, so
here goes.

Two important issues were found in RC3, #12465 (ISC DHCP deleted
entries) and #12461 (compute profiles not applied). Both have been
fixed, but the fix for the latter has continued to introduce further

In order, these are: #12618 (fixed), #12659 (fixed), #12793 and #12794.
Since these are all in the New Host form, a critical piece of the UI
for almost all users, I'm blocking the release until they're resolved.

#12793 has a PR open, but isn't critical and is targeted at 1.10.1.
#12794 is quite important, and remains assigned without a fix. It is
targeted at 1.10.0 and blocks the release.

Once a fix for #12794 is merged, we can go ahead with the release.

Thanks to everybody who's been testing develop and reporting these bugs,
and to Shimon who's written most of the fixes.

ยทยทยท -- Dominic Cleal dominic@cleal.org