1.10 and 1.11 issues and branching

Foreman 1.10.0 was released a week or two ago, so there are a number of
issues that need to be addressed in time for 1.10.1 - probably within
two weeks of now. This are mostly regressions from 1.9.

Please help out by taking tickets from this list and sending PRs as
usual to develop.

Unassigned 1.10.1 issues:

  1. host facts search broken with ~ operator
    Bug #12959: Host search based on fact value using LIKE clause does'nt work - Foreman

  2. host config status disabled with no Puppet proxy
    Bug #12954: Foreman puppet report status does not work without a puppet proxy - Foreman

  3. VMware provisioning from template not using new disk
    Bug #12487: Provisioning with Templates causes new VM to use Template Disk - Foreman

  4. Template audit not showing diffs
    Bug #12271: Audit of template change has an empty diff - Foreman

Open 1.10.1 PRs:
Bug #12859: "Suggest new" link for IP address on interface model window doesn't work - Foreman (suggest IPs)
Bug #12566: New Host API changed host_parameters_attributes behavior - Foreman (parameters API)

Please check the latest issues list at:

Next up, Foreman 1.11 is due some time around the end of March/start of
April (three months), so branching will happen at the start of February.
There are a number of tickets for regressions in develop, which need to
be fixed before release.

Please check the issues list at
Open 1.11.4 tickets - Foreman and
send PRs as usual. The Rails 4.1.latest update is particularly
important, IMHO.

ยทยทยท -- Dominic Cleal dominic@cleal.org