1.10 and 1.11 issues reminder

Reminder of the outstanding 1.10 and 1.11 blocker issues as I've not
seen any activity on them this week - but develop is becoming
increasingly unstable, which is going to make 1.11.0-RC1 difficult.

The 1.10.1 issues are important to make a patch release in the next week
or so, please help fix this new release's regressions.

Unassigned 1.10.1 issues

  1. Smart proxy DHCP lease/config parsing errors on some entries
    Bug #13062: smart-proxy throws an error when the field for fixed-address does not match a valid IP. - Smart Proxy - Foreman

  2. undefined method persisted? during CR form rendering
    Bug #13053: undefined method `persisted?' for #<Hash:0x007f2481f21258> - Foreman

  3. Compute profiles not inheriting from group on New Host form
    Bug #13004: Compute Profiles not Inheriting from nested host group - Foreman

  4. Installer not configuring OMAPI keys in DHCP config file
    Bug #12989: OMAPI key data passed to foreman-installer does not end up in dhcp.yml - Installer - Foreman

  5. VMware provisioning from template not using new disk
    Bug #12487: Provisioning with Templates causes new VM to use Template Disk - Foreman

  6. Template audit not showing diffs (CSS/JS issue)
    Bug #12271: Audit of template change has an empty diff - Foreman

Open 1.10.1 PRs:
Bug #12859: "Suggest new" link for IP address on interface model window doesn't work - Foreman (suggest IPs)
Bug #12566: New Host API changed host_parameters_attributes behavior - Foreman (parameters API)
Bug #12959: Host search based on fact value using LIKE clause does'nt work - Foreman (facts searching)
Bug #12954: Foreman puppet report status does not work without a puppet proxy - Foreman (host config status)

Please check the latest issues list at:

Unassigned 1.11.0 issues

  1. Rails 4.1.latest update required for security issues
    Feature #12873: Update Rails to 4.1.latest - Foreman

  2. Plugin i18n extraction support broken
    Bug #13033: plugin:gettext rake task doesn't load with gettext_i18n_rails_js 1.x - Foreman

  3. Excessive DB queries when retrieving API docs
    Bug #12621: Excessive TemplateKind DB queries when retrieving API docs - Foreman

  4. undefined find_by_ip method during CR provisioning
    Bug #13084: undefined method `find_by_ip' during validation of IP retrieved from compute resource - Foreman

  5. Lots of issues already relating to the merge of #4629 (Patternfly)
    yesterday, see Feature #4629: Add Patternfly support in foreman - Foreman and the main list.

Please check the latest issues list at:

ยทยทยท -- Dominic Cleal dominic@cleal.org