1.10 and 1.11 issues reminder

Please keep helping with issues affecting 1.10 and 1.11, and do refresh
the links to the latest issues as they're updated frequently.

Some already have PRs open, some of which are waiting on the contributor

  • please check and update these.

Unassigned 1.10.2 issues

  1. undefined method persisted? during CR form rendering
    Bug #13053: undefined method `persisted?' for #<Hash:0x007f2481f21258> - Foreman

  2. VMware provisioning from template not using new disk
    Bug #12487: Provisioning with Templates causes new VM to use Template Disk - Foreman

  3. Exception editing role filters with Rails associations
    Bug #13515: Foreman exception triggered when editing a role filter or adding a new one - Foreman

  4. Installer DB creation relies on en_US.utf8 locale
    Bug #13496: foreman-installer error when locale is not en_US.utf8 - Installer - Foreman

  5. Overriding truncated parameters overrides all
    Bug #13369: Long parameter names are truncated and overriden together - Foreman

  6. Rails needs updating to
    Bug #13372: Update Rails to - Foreman

Please check the latest issues list at:

Unassigned 1.11.0 issues

  1. Dashboard grid issues
    Bug #13352: Dashboard widget rows are loaded in reverse order - Foreman
    Bug #13353: Cannot move dashboard widgets to far right columns - Foreman

  2. Poor documentation link text (only partially fixed)
    Bug #13311: More "Learn more about this on the documentation" should be "in the documentation" - Foreman

  3. locale:pack failing to parse facets code
    Bug #13567: locale:pack failure in facets/managed_host_extensions.rb - Foreman

  4. jquery upgrade tasks
    Refactor #12935: Check js code against jQuery upgrade guide and release notes - Foreman

Please check the latest issues list at:

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