1.17.1 bug lineup

We are looking into issues reported on 1.17.0 that should probably get into 1.17.1:

http://projects.theforeman.org/issues/23335 - cherry-picked into 1.17-stable
Bug #23276: undefined method vlan when listing vsphere networks - Foreman - cherry-picked into 1.17-stable
Bug #23212: Changing power state gives: NameError: uninitialized constant Fog::Compute::Ovirt - Foreman - done

Bug #22698: clearing search filter does not clear search filter - Foreman - waiting on contributor
Bug #23358: Daily reports throw exception - Foreman - merged in 1.17 stable
Bug #23342: vsphere - failed to create resource - undefined method first - Foreman - closed as dup of 23335

Bug #23378: Unable to create a VM on 1.17.0 on vCenter 6.5. - Foreman - PR with workaround open
Bug #23382: Editing Smart Class Parameter of type YAML creates malformed value in release 1.17.0 - Foreman - New, looks like issue in Rails
Bug #23463: YAML rendering of external nodes generates incorrect data if hashes are used - Foreman - New
Bug #23433: ISC DHCP new parser my break when parsing lease uids - Smart Proxy - Foreman - needs cherry-pick to 1.17

I would like to ask contributors and reviewers to give an extra care to fixes for these issues so we can get them in as soon as possible. If you think there is anything else that should get into 1.17.1, let me know.

Thanks, @Ondrej_Prazak for compiling the list.

I believe
Bug #23342: vsphere - failed to create resource - undefined method first - Foreman
http://projects.theforeman.org/issues/23335 actually have the same root cause. This just needs confirmation.
So basically someone needs to deploy a host from a vmware template with the patch from #23342 and check if that works. I’m on training this week, so I can’t do it now. Can somebody assist?

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Changes since yesterday:

  • #23335 scsi attributes were merged
  • #28276 bump fog-vsphere version was acked, waiting for merge and cherry-pick
  • #23358 fix for audit mailer in testing/review

Whether #23342 is fixed by #23335 remains to be tested.

This issue was also filed against 1.17.

I’m currently investigating this. I just see the issue in 1.17-stable, but not on 1.18-stable.

Logging and awesome_print should also be targeted at 1.17.1. We already decided they should be included after RC2 but before 1.17.0. I did do the cherry picks but messed up the tags so in the end they weren’t included.

I know about those, it is just a matter of adding the appropriate tags in koji if I am not mistaken.

I am looking into this and will have an answer today if the new patch fixes it.

@TimoGoebel @Ondrej_Prazak I can confirm the patch works:

Host create:

Host in Vcenter:


Host finishing up:

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I think #23382 and 23463 (!ruby/hash:ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess in class parameters when using YAML) should be fixed for 1.17. These two have probably the same root cause and seem to potntially impact anybody using smart class parameters.

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Would it help if the top post was made a wiki? Perhaps too late for this post, but in future I can add permissions for appropriate people to create wiki-style posts… Just thought it might help when linking this topic to others coming in later.

Getting some likes here, so I’ve made the top post a wiki. Give it a try :slight_smile:

It has been almost a month since 1.17.0 came out with a bunch of bugs, and I think we should ship 1.17.1 very soon. I updated the top post with the status of the open issues, looks like the current status is:

  • Two issues related to yaml params and enc that had not had any work started on them. Considering this looks like possibly issues in rails, and no progress - I suggest we postpone them to 1.17.2. (#23382, #23463)
  • One issue with vmware that has a workaround PR (that includes some further patches in its comments?) - @TimoGoebel what is the status here? If we can’t get this fixed and merged in the next day or two, let’s push it out as well.
  • One slightly annoying issue with the search but not a serious blocker imho, if this isn’t merged in the next day or two, let’s push it to 1.17.2 as well.

@Ondrej_Prazak and the rest of @core What do you think?
I think we should kick off 1.17.1 build by the end of this week with what we, have and plan for 1.17.2 with the rest in a couple of weeks, currently I’m guessing not a lot of users are trying 1.17 at all because of all these issues. This way at least we’ll get some of them unblocked. As smarter people then I have said, “release early, release often”.


I am for releasing 1.17.1 very soon. The vmware fix is the only thing I would wait for because multiple users have hit that and the fix is already being worked on.


I just opened a PR with a patch that has been well tested by the community. I’d suggest to cherry-pick this to 1.17.1 to fix the issue. I do need some help with the other PR as I believe this is a JavaScript issue (you don’t need any vmware knowledge to look into the issue) that should be easy to reproduce with a small test. Unfortunately I won’t have time to look at this soon. Any help is appreciated.

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I pushed out all issues other than the vmware one (which should finish tests momentarily) to 1.17.2 so we can kick the 1.17.1 pipeline today.
Looks like the two yaml issues are fairly serious, let’s try to get them fixed and release 1.17.2 within a couple of weeks.

I see didn’t get merged but 1.17.1 is almost out of the door.

Since it’s quite critical, please @Ondrej_Prazak make a note about it on the release note & announcement email

We have a fix for this in 1.17.1, see https://github.com/theforeman/foreman/commit/c4176bf1f84b34234b781f7bfd1a7745a9d7c972

The PR should be ready to merge (imho) and should go to 1.18-stable and develop.

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