1.17 branching imminent

after talking to Ewoud today, we decided it would make sense to branch 1.17. We intent to cherry-pick the js chunk fix later when it is ready. Branching should happen some time tomorrow. Next steps will be to get all the dependencies we need into packaging and make nightlies work.



Thanks! Great to see 1.17 coming along :slight_smile:

I would like to raise another small item that might be required to cherry -
pick, https://github.com/amirfefer/react-ellipsis-with-tooltip/issues/2,
should be easy to fix after the branching.

As of last night, in my local environment I was able to get a built Foreman RPM and working installation. I will be working to get all of these changes into PRs and do the necessary updates to our RPM build infrastructure as soon as possible. I believe Debian is working as of yesterday.

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You can indicate it should be taken into 1.17.0 by adding the 1.17.0 milestone in GH and setting the release in redmine :wink: