1.17 is now branched

All the main foreman repos (foreman, smart-proxy, foreman-installer, foreman-packaging, community_templates, foreman_selinux) are now branched for 1.17. I created a 1.18 release in Redmine and scheduled the 1.18 end date 3 months in the future.


Thanks Ondrej, where did you do the date update? I see old dates at 1.18.0 - Foreman and Foreman 118 Schedule - Foreman

I guess that means 1.18 branching would happen around 11.4., sounds good to me.

It is at 1.18 - Foreman on the right side - release start date and release end date. I did not notice there was a date on 118 Schedule page, I made a change there as well.

Just wondering - maybe Its my misunderstanding, but I thought that we should branch 3 months after the previous branch? not from when it was GA’ed ? otherwise we will never release every 3 months?

It is also my understanding that we should branch 3 months after the previous branch. 1.17 was branched on 4.1., so I set 1.18 release start to 5.1. and end to 5.1. + 3 months which is 5.4., or am I missing something?

Ok, sorry I thought the branching was complete Jan 11th based on the announcement in this thread. I considered installer and packaging part of the core. But I’m fine with Apr 5th for 1.18 branching.