1.20 stabilization week


Please note that tomorrow, October 8th, is the start of the stabilization week leading up to the 1.20 branching which is planned for October 16th.
Any significant changes should not be merged into Foreman core without discussing them with me first to ensure we have stable nightlies and can build RC1 in a timely fashion after the branching.
Any help testing nightlies during this week will be greatly appreciated, and will lead to a better and more stable RCs and 1.20 release for our users.

Thank you to all @core team for the cooperation!


Thanks Tomer. I know you guys had some time-off, but I’d appreciate a note two weeks before stabilization week starts. I kinda went crazy last week when I figured this out :slight_smile:

Once again, I will run test week after RC1 is out. Crossing fingers!

Sorry about that, I think I sent a reminder right before going on holidays (about 3 weeks in advance). Next release I don’t have any planned so I’ll make sure to give more heads up.

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This was just suggesting for improvement, don’t apologize please. You’re doing great job! And I need to get some training on how to be more polite in my posts.


Hello all, Katello is also going through stabilization week in concert with Foreman 1.20. As Tomer said, if you have any thing that is major that is going to be merged let me know.