1.5 branched on koji (RPM builders take note)

Tags for Foreman 1.5 builds have been branched on koji, so if you're
building something that has to go into Foreman 1.5, please retag to the
appropriate 1.5 tag from nightly or let me know. Don't forget to tag
for both rhel6 and fedora19.

(e.g. kkoji tag-build foreman-1.5-rhel6 foo-1.2.3)

Plugin repos have also been branched, so if you build a plugin into
foreman-plugins-nightly-* (which indicates it's compatible with Foreman
develop/nightlies) and the plugin also works with Foreman 1.5, you
should retag into the 1.5 tag too.

The http://ci.theforeman.org/job/packaging_plugin_retag/ job is handy
for retagging plugins into multiple releases.

Debian packages will work in the same way, with builds soon going to the
deb/1.5 branch.

foreman-packaging has been branched from master to 1.5-stable to provide
comps files. If you update comps on master to add a dependency, we need
to cherry pick across.

If you have any doubts when building packages, please let me know so we
get it right :slight_smile:

ยทยทยท -- Dominic Cleal Red Hat Engineering