1.8.0-RC2 and beyond

RC2 was finally released today, between the GitHub timeouts. Here's an
end-of-week summary of where we are with the 1.8 release.

There are still quite a high number of blockers for a dot zero release,
and so I need some help clearing the list to do an RC3.
http://bit.ly/172VbxZ is the definitive list, but the bugs that are
particularly important are:

  1. #9871: VMware provisioning throws "invalid MAC" error. We got some
    more info on this today in IRC, but it appears that the NIC to VM
    interface matching isn't working for some reason, so no MAC is
    retrieved. Some more debug has been suggested in the ticket, it needs
    to be reproduced again with this enabled.

  2. #9921 + Hammer equivalent change: provisioning VMs with interfaces
    isn't working.

  3. #9778: host/CR associations throw a read-only record error.

  4. #9779: first form submission intermittently fails for VMware
    provisioning, waiting on more debug or someone to reproduce it.

  5. #9926: regression from LDAPS CVE fix for non-SSL connections.

  6. #9776: DHCP conflicts aren't showing an "overwrite" warning on the
    New Host page. (Possibly only with Discovery?)

Some of these problems remain unconfirmed from the initial bug report,
so even if you have time to confirm their existence, it would be useful.
Any PRs to fix them should be marked with a "1.8 priority" label on
GitHub so we know to look there first.

Thanks to Marek for the past weeks for getting fixes for bugs and the
CVE into 1.7.4, it's much appreciated.

ยทยทยท -- Dominic Cleal Red Hat Engineering