A new release of the Foreman remote execution plugin is now available

The remote execution team is happy to announce our third release. The remote
execution plugin enables Foreman to run arbitrary commands on remote hosts,
currently via SSH although additional providers are planned.

The documentation is located at:
Foreman :: Plugin Manuals

This release requires Foreman 1.10 and packages are available for both DEB- and
RPM-based distros. Nearly 30 bug fixes and new features are included.

A full list of issues is available at [1], but your help is
particularly appreciated in testing the below. If you come across any issues,
please file a bug in our redmine tracker [2].

Permissions system - #12283, #12285, #12290

··· =========================================== Remote execution filters should now work as expected for non-admin users. To try this feature, create a limited role with access only to hosts and remote execution-related functions.

Provisioning snippet - #11633

Provisioned hosts can now be automatically configured.

Include the snippet in your provisioning or finish templates and ensure the
host comes up with authorized_keys configured correctly:

 <%= snippet 'remote_execution_ssh_keys' %>

SSH user other than root - #11634

In previous releases, SSH was limited to the ‘root’ user, but this can now be
customized. A global setting ‘remote_execution_ssh_user’ will configure the
default, but host parameter of the same name can be set to override at the host
group, host, etc levels.

[1] Issues - Foreman Remote Execution - Foreman
[2] Foreman

Best Regards,

Stephen Benjamin
Red Hat Engineering