A "new" user's experience with Foreman 3.2 on Debian 11 :)

Hi there!

I used to use Foreman at work, and quite liked it. Today I decided I wanted to set it up at home in my home lab to deploy some machines. I wrote a blog post about the experience, currently at Automated provisioning (#2) - The Foreman in 2022

It wasn’t too scathing - two major issues I ran into was I didn’t have en_US.utf-8 enabled on my very Australian Debian 11 box, and I also didn’t remember that stock Foreman requires Puppetserver to generate CA certs.

I’ll have a play with the new installation and see where I get to with it, and maybe write some follow-up posts and ask some questions here.

Anyways, thought I’d post the post here in case it was interesting to read as a “new user perspective” (even as a not-quite-new user).


Thanks for doing this, this is gold :1st_place_medal:
Looking forward to the next chapter of the deployment process using Foreman :slight_smile: