Add one-off repo to Ubuntu Content Host

I have an Ubuntu 20.04 host registered in Foreman/Katello. Everything is fine. Now I want to add a new content view for a new product, only to this single host. I add the subscription to the Content Host, but the server never gets the new subscription. I’ve tried Auto-Attach, I’ve tried subscription-manager refresh, but subscription-manager repos never shows the new subscription.

Any ideas?

Hi mdiorio,

a host can only be attached to one content view. If you want to combine multiple content views, you have to create a composite content view.
If you have

  • one content view for the OS-repositories + client
  • one extra content view for your special client

you need to create a composite content view combining both, attach your host to this content view and subscribe the correct products.
If you just create a product and subscribe your host to it, it will try to add it but this repository is not available in the current content view and for this it is ignored.

If you do not want to have the extra work with the composiste content view, you could also add your product, to your existing content view and only add the subscription for your special host (under Content Hosts and not the activation key). Then the other hosts could access it by just adding the subscription but as default it is not part of their repository set.

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Thank you @jtruestedt

This does make sense.