Add second network interface

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am trying to add a second network interface to my servers.

I have installed debian 9.5 using foreman on some servers, this worked great.

I now want to add a second network interface to the servers (Mellanox Infiniband Connectx3)

So in the foreman gui, i added the second interface to a server with mac & ip address, ticked the manage box, added a subnet with ipam internal database.

But the interface does not get an ip address set by foreman , is a rebuild of the server necessary for the ip address to be set in the os?

The mellanox driver is not loaded by default, so i have to add some kernel modules for it to start, would you know how i include these so that the ip gets set during a build? (i.e during the preseed/pxe installation)

Best Regards

Internal DB IPAM does not integrate with any DHCP server, it is just for recording purposes. Select DHCP IPAM if you want records to be created on your ISC DHCP server.


I was hoping for foreman to set static ip:s , i.e i do not need to pxe boot on these interfaces, just enable the interface, and set a static ip.


Oh ok, that does not work like this, NICs are set during provisioning. You could use Remote Execution to execute changes on clients in order to enable those NIC but I am not sure if we ship such templates.

We don’t ship such templates now but it should be trivial to reuse the snippet we use in kickstart/preseed templates during provisioning.

The other approach is to use some configuration management system that would update the host according to current configuration. I know there’s a puppet module that works with data we expose in ENC, @Trey_Dockendorf is that still working? :slight_smile:

There’s probably several modules that could be used with ansible too.