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It has been noted in several different posts that some community members might not have the expertise to setup and use Foreman to solve their deployment needs. As a community member noted during our birthday party celebrations, Foreman is like a Swiss Army Knife and a user needs a certain level of Linux/sysadmin expertise to even start with Foreman. We had a recent case where a user did not have Ubuntu/Puppet knowledge yet was ploughing ahead with a Ubuntu/Puppet/Foreman deployment. While such a can-do attitude is admirable, even with the most granular docs, it’s unrealistic to expect community members/docs to bridge such a knowledge gap.

As noted by @tbrisker
How we can centralize the purpose above using the technology that you currently have?

as well as others in other posts, it’s probably a good idea to have some information for users who have the means and need paid support to avail of the productized versions of Foreman or consulting services around Foreman.

I have been looking at the layout of and think creating a new page under Get Help, below the Support entry. I considered putting it on the Support page, but that seems quite busy in and of itself. I have also invited iRonin and @Dirk and @Bernhard_Suttner to write guest blog posts on their downstream/consultation offerings that I can then link to from the website. I have a number of others to reach out to, and if you’d like to save me the bother, feel free to reach out to me :smiley:

What do you think? Is there a better place to do this?


It makes sense to nest under “Get Help”, perhaps we could call it “Professional Services” or “Commercial Offerings”? I would suggest on that page to also think about how to clarify the different offering types - downstream products, upstream consulting/support, training, development, perhaps something I missed?


I agree with @tbrisker.

IMHO it makes sense to differentiate between “downstream products” and “consulting services”. Splitting further into “engineering services”, “development”, etc. is maybe too much.

I vote for starting with two additional pages (next to training) in “GET HELP”.

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Hi @maximilian

Welcome to the community Discourse! Thanks for your feedback!

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Hi @mcorr, I’d like to contribute to the vendor list, could you please contact me?

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And just for the record, in case anyone is reading this at any point, we did create a page on the website:

If you’d like to be added to the list, we ask for a guest blog post, similar in style and content to the blogs already featured on that page!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!