Adding an additional data folder to the root of www

Hi all,

I need to on a temp basis emulate our old yum repo structure, i have created an additional folder in the www root called "repos"with links into the yum area in pulp (this emuplates our old exisitng structured yum repo).
I had a look at the various httpd conf files but failed to identify which i can modify to add an addition data folder, anyone care to enlighten me pretty please

Ken - FDISK101

I was able to do this by putting data into /var/www/html/pub/

You can then reference that data at

I used it to create a repo using createrepo with the packages needed to attach new content hosts and I put together a salt formula for attaching these hosts. If you use some other folder, you will need to alter the http configuration, so this seems like it may be your best option.

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Cheers James, had thought of that but the specific issue is i have several hundred vm’s looking to the likes of http://ip/repos/centos/6/OS/x86_64, have fount the symlinks pointing in pulp, i just need to understand how to add repos in the www dir, with all the extra https/*conf files im not sure which to modify?

If you need to designate a different directory, I did that too by editing /etc/httpd/conf.d/05-foreman-ssl.d/pulp.conf

You should be able to use the existing configuration for pub to expose your repo directory.

Sorry for delay,
Got the fix, created the repo folder and then subfolders replicating the original structure (worked out by looking at client repo file) then navigated into the pulp/yum dir and all the links I needed were there, just a bit tricky linking a link file but its done and dusted and am now able to, at this stage patch the client servers, next stage it to get them registered using subscription-manager and decom old structure.
Thanks for suggestion s peeps, appreciated

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