Adding more fields to Windows provision template


While foreman 1.20 provisions windows based OS, it joins to domain, but the OU part is missing in the template. I tried to add a new field it but it seems to ignore it ,In the VM it dows no appear in the XML. Also the color of the added part is not white as the rest. Seems Foreman does not accept it as configurable part

domainAdmin: admin
plainText: true
value: ‘password’
joinDomain: ‘<%= @host.domain %>’
MachineObjectOU: ‘<%= @host.params[‘somevalue’] %>’ <----- this is part i added
autoMode: ‘perSeat’
computerName: <%= @host.shortname %>
fullName: ‘company’

Hey @georgefr!
As far as I can tell, this looks like a syntax error and you should use " host_param(‘someValue’)" instead. Should also be explained in the help section (last tab on the template edit page). Could also be good to look at other examples to learn more about syntax and so :slight_smile:

Hope this sorts out your problem!
Kind regards

This is your source for info:

Feel free to file PRs there.