Adding repos to product and content view - clients not adding the new repo

Problem: I have added a new local repo to my environment as an after thought from my initial build. The issue is, all subscribed hosts are not adding this new repo to the yum repolist. The hosts only have the repos that were part of the initial provisioning.

Expected outcome: After adding the repo to the product, then promoting the content view, I thought this should update all hosts that are part of that environment.

Foreman versions: Foreman 1.19 / Katello 3.8

Other relevant data:
If I provision a new host, it picks up the new repo.

How can I get Foreman to push this new repo out to the hosts, or is this something that has to be done manually?

Can you try doing a “subscription-manager refresh” on one of the hosts that isn’t picking up the new repo, then check yum repolist again?

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@damiena yes, @Chris_Duryee has the solution. I know this problem/weirdness.

I usually:
on server

  • add product, publish new CV, promote

on client

  • yum clean all
  • subscription-manager refresh
  • yum upgrade

Worked a treat.

Thanks guys.

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