After host got provisioned still its showing "B" instead of operational

I am able to kickstart hosts using Foreman but host got ended up with “B” (build status) instead of operational. Please let me know if there is fix to correct this?
Also I am trying to add Ansible plugin in my Foreman for POST OS stuff. Please let me know if there is anything available for this.

Foreman version I am currently using: foreman-1.9.3


I suppose it’s rather 1.19.3, not 1.9.3. This problem usually happens when your host can’t callback to Foreman to inform it that the build is finished.

That can be by wrong Foreman url set in settings, try previewing Kickstart Default template, see the wget at the end, is the url correct?

If it is, double check it can be resolved from the provisioned host, e.g. DNS resolves properly, there’s no firewall issue etc.

What Marek said, look into production.log and seek for “build” or “built” lines, you should see why it failed to exit build mode nearby. If you can’t spot anything, rebuild the host with DEBUG mode turned on in Foreman to see more logs.

Thank you lzap and Marek. I am able to fix it by upgrading.
Now I want to create OS FS with my own standard sizes instead of default kickstart partitions where /var is missing. is there way I can add my own custom partitions in provsioning template? or can I get any sample partition template for Foreman.



I hope I got the question right. You can define you own partition tables, go to Host -> Partition tables and create a new one (you can clone Kickstart default and adjust). It is important to select correct OS family, organization and location in which it will be available. Based on that you’ll either see it in host form or not. When provisioning a new host, just select this new one in Operating System tab in Partition Table field.

Hope this helps