Aggregate DNS from proxies


This ain’t so much as an issue I have with foreman but rather trying to understand if there’s a way to accomplish the following:

  • We run several proxies globally (the purpose of the smart proxy)
  • Each proxy acts as DHCP & DNS server for that specific site
  • Some of the systems behind the smart proxy are provisioned as oVirt nodes (for ease of explaining myself, let’s say this is one machine, running the engine etc.)
  • Now, in the foreman UI, if I add the compute resource by name, this doesn’t work as the name is not known by foreman

I reckon DNS is able to feed changes back to a master, but I have no clue how to set this up “the foreman way” (by using the installer?)

System details:

  • 1 server running foreman & proxy 1.17.1 (we manage some things locally as well, so the proxy has DNS, DHCP, TFTP, …)
  • multiple foreman proxies (1.17.1) running in the field (these are connected over a VPN and have access to the foreman server). They all have DNS, DHCP, TFTP, templates, ansible, …

The DNS software used is ISC (installed and managed by the foreman installer)

(I hope this is the right side of the foreman community to ask these kind of questions)

I’ve resolved a similar issue previously using bind configuration on the foreman server. You’ll use bog standard bind tools to transfer the domains.

Essentially, your foreman server will become a bind slave to all the proxy hosted DNS domains. You can achieve the configuration using the foreman-installer and adding the relevant bind configuration to /etc/foreman-installer/custom-hiera.yaml :

> ---
> dns::zones: 
>   proxy.domain.1: 
>     soa: 
>     soaip:
>     contact: admin@proxy.domain.1
>   proxy.domain.2: 
>     soa: 
>     soaip:
>     contact: admin@proxy.domain.2

You’ll have to amend the foreman server OS level lookup configuration manually (adding the domains to resolv.conf etc etc) but this approach should work.



Yeah, our installer don’t expose options for all possible setups.