[Announcement]: foreman_openscap 0.5.2 is available

Dear community,
We are happy to announce the availability of a new foreman_openscap &
smart_proxy_openscap versions (0.5.2 & 0.5.1 respectively).
In versions 0.5.x, we have completely refactored the Foreman <-> OpenSCAP
connectivity so it can scale and perform better.
0.5.x versions are working with the Foreman 1.11 or higher.
So What is new (in a nutshell):

  • OpenSCAP ARF reports processing is now being done on the Smart Proxy
  • Validating OpenSCAP content and profiles is also being done on the
    Smart Proxy Side
  • ARF reports are part of Foreman reports, so they can be searchable,
    aggregated, sort-able, etc.

This means that when a client sends an ARF report, it is parsed on the
Proxy and sent as json to the Foreman (in the same manner that puppet
reports are being sent).
The ARF report bzip file remains on the proxy and is available for download
via the Foreman.

For more detailed information, please
check http://www.theforeman.org/plugins/foreman_openscap/0.5



Great to hear! Thanks for all the work.

Now just gotta wait for 1.11