Announcing chef integration updates

Hello all Foreman Chefs

Let me announce a new milestone on Foreman and Chef integration road. I put
together a manual [1] that covers installation of whole stack, describes
configuration options you have and last but not least all features it
provides. If you find any issue, please let me know or even better, send a
pull request with improvements against manual repo [2].

Speaking of recent updates, I released foreman_chef 0.1.3, smart_proxy_chef
0.1.3 and chef_handler_foreman 0.0.8. Most notable changes are

  • provide configuration templates for chef client bootstrap
  • chef 12 support
  • attribute parsing to update host attributes (e.g. environment, os, …)

Also in upcoming Foreman 1.8 there's a built in support to install and
configure both plugins mentioned above in foreman-installer. Manual also
covers that.

In future I plan to concentrate on adding a puppet module to foreman-installer
that would install Chef 12 server so one could easily see how it works
together. Also I'd like to add environment and chef role synchronization to
Foreman and a possibility to modify both on Foreman side.

If you need help with setup, the best way is to ask on #theforeman IRC channel
on freenode, just make sure you mention "chef" somewhere in message :slight_smile: I'd
appreciate any feedback or even better - help. You can help by testing and
reporting issues [3], improving docs or even coding. All code is to be found
on github [4][5][6].

[3] Issues - Chef - Foreman

Thanks for any feedback,
have a nice day

··· -- Marek