Announcing Discovery Image 0.5 RC1 for testing


we are releasing Discovery Image version 0.5 RC1. It is available for
download here:

Can be reached also at

We have some huge changes for this release, this is also the reason why
we decided to skip 0.4 version number:

  • changed the way how we build the images (from scratch)
  • full support for CentOS-6-based image
  • faster booting on both Fedora 19 and CentOS 6
  • works with both Discovery V2 API and legacy API
  • added support for slot-based network interface names (em1, em2…)
  • PXELinux IPAPPEND 2 support via discovery_bootif fact
  • new jenkins build job
  • updated build scripts with "latest" symlinks
  • better and consistent image naming
  • additional minor improvements in discover-host script
  • moved the upstream repo to [1]


Download the new ISO image (or kernel/initrd directly) and update your
"PXELinux global default" template. Make sure you append "IPAPPEND 2"
line - for more info visit [1]. Deploy PXE templates using the button in

If you want to take advantage of the new fact discovery_bootif, have the
above "IPAPPEND 2" in the template and configure Discovery fact in
Settings -> Discovery -> discovery_fact to "discovery_bootif". This will
be the default value for the next Discovery release.

The discovery_bootif and IPAPPEND 2 options are necessary now if you
want to set the MAC address which was used for booting the hardware
during provisioning (which is usually the case). You can still configure
any other preferred fact if you need.

Note that the images now support both V2 and legacy API. The
discover-host first try to reach Foreman using the new (V2) API and if
that fails, it falls back to the legacy one. Foreman 1.4 does use the
lagacy API, Foreman 1.5 and nightly discovery plugin will use V2 API. You
may see some error messages when discovering hosts with Foreman 1.4 (in
the debug mode), you can safely ignore those. This "dual mode" will be
removed in the 0.6 image release.

Also note that CentOS6 image is about 225M but Fedora 19 image is bigger
about 410M. I encourage you to go for CentOS6 which we focused on this
release and take Fedora 19 as a "tech preview". We will definitely work
on bringing this number down in the next version.

The RC1 build found at the link above is build in the "debug" mode which
means there is ssh daemon running, root password is set to "redhat" and
more debug messages can be found on the tty1 console. The final version
will be build in "production" mode (less output, root disabled, no ssh).


··· -- Later,

Lukas “lzap” Zapletal
irc: lzap #theforeman