Ansible Roles assigned to a hostgroup

Foreman verion: Version 1.24.2


Is there a particular order in which the roles are run and if so how can the order be changed. I need to have some roles that are kicked of after a server deployment run in a particular order otherwise there is a failure.

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I might be wrong (ping @Marek_Hulan @ezr-ondrej ), but I think you cannot influence the order and so far the guidance was to add dependencies to the role metadata if you need a specific order

Thank you for the quick reply Evgeni. I will do the suggested work around. Do you think it will be a considered future feature?


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Evgeni is right, it is not possible to force order now so dependencies are the only way, but ordering is planned feature and it’s on the roadmap already, possibly even getting to 2.5 release.


Already in progress:

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