Any Foreman / Katello users in Australia

Hi ,
Any Foreman / Katello users in Australia that might be able to help with my problems.

I’m going down deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole and I just need some help from someone in the same timezone.

I have a number of issues and someone with real world foreman usage will be able to help im sure.

i currently have problems with activation keys , content views and packages not being available on the client machines even after republishing new content views etc.

anyone be able to help ??

Hi @loosepin313,

From what I can tell, the majority of the active community members are based either in Europe or the Americas. However, if there are Australian users who want to help, I do hope they reach out and answer your call!

While community members do everything they can to help one another, sometimes live interaction can be challenging because most people have a number of competing priorities in any given moment. The majority of help is given in an asynchronous manner.

I think the best option would be to share here the exact details and the exact steps where things aren’t going according to plan, and we will do our best to figure this out.

If you could type up what you have done, which versions you’ve installed on what operating systems, which resources you’ve followed to try and set things up, and exactly where you’ve gotten stuck, or what gap you’re trying to bridge, it might help us and others understand where we might need to improve the information so to provide adequate scaffolding for other community members too.

With regards to activation keys, content views and packages, we have some unofficial docs here that might be of use: - I’m working to make these less “Red Hat” and more general at the moment.

We’ve had a number of new users pass through in the last while and some of them provided excellent levels of detail both on a higher and granular level, so that we could figure out what they are hoping to achieve and thus give the right direction. For example: