Anyone Available for Consulting Engagement?

Problem: I would like to get our Foreman installation to the current version, as well as address some SSL certificate issues with Puppet/Foreman (our old cert expired). If the upgrade from our version to the current version is too big of a jump, we can deploy a new server. We only use Foreman for patching and puppet at this time.

Anyone out there with extensive experience in these areas that might be available for a few hours/couple days of consulting time? (for pay, of course)

Foreman and Proxy versions: Foreman Version 1.21.3 / No Proxies Installed

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version: CentOS 7


I know at least Netways (Hi @Dirk!), ATIX (Hi @Bernhard_Suttner!) and credativ do consulting for Foreman, so maybe someone of them will look in here or reach out to their respective sales departments.



Just to add to evgeni’s answer:

  • All three mentioned are Germany based. Not sure in which timezone you are located, but perhaps something to keep in mind.
  • Last time I did a similar update and some additional work it was about two days work, perhaps doable in one day if nothing goes wrong and depending on required changes.
  • I am not sure about my schedule as it is managed by my managers and depends on their willingness to fill in my team managing role, but feel free to contact and I hope they find a time slot that will work.

My 2 cents, this sounds like the perfect opportunity to redesign your Foreman environment using the Ansible modules. That way you’ll be able to ‘just’ roll out a new Foreman server with the same config on a newer version should you desire.

Check out my blog for some info :slight_smile: Foreman :: Foreman Config as Code