Assigning organizations to locations and vice versa

TIL that when you edit organization, you can assign locations to it. Same goes for locations, you can assign organizations to it.

My question is: how it should work? Because it seems to me that it doesn’t do anything, I couldn’t find place where I could see change in the behavior.

What I found:

  • It doesn’t have effect on items in top org/loc menu
  • Assigning org/loc to host also don’t change

I tried to find some information in documentation but it seems to me that we don’t have anywhere described what organizations and locations are and how it works. Or I don’t know how to search.

I never understood the meaning of the org and loc association. My guess is that semantically it was meant like this - one org can have several locations. e.g. ACME Corp has location Brno, New York, Pune. While EMCA Corp has locations London, Pune, TelAviv. Perhaps that’s why it’s n:m, but I’m 100% sure it does not work this way and I’d even doubt such usecase would make sense (sharing a Location for two Organizations). I’m afraid we can’t have two locations with the same name, regardless of what organization they belong to so today we can’t support the above usecase without sharing the location.

If you were able to follow up to here, you probably started thinking that this is broken and needs to be redesigned. You wouldn’t be alone. This week I replied to a different thread coming to the same conclusion. Every two years we agree it’s ultimately broken and needs redesign. I guess we should seriously start working on it after the puppet extraction is complete.

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