Assigning Pull Request Author to Redmine Issues


Today we added support to our service that processes pull requests the
setting of the 'Assigned' field on Redmine issues based upon the user who
opened the pull request [1][2]. Unfortunately, the mapping from Github to
Redmine is not 1:1 so we are having to keep a manual list that connects
Github usernames to the Redmine user. Dominic and myself have attempted to
populate the initial list to the best of our abilities; however, we
encourage all developers to check the list and any new developers to add
themselves to the list. The list can be found at [3].

You can find your Redmine user ID by navigation to and finding the field "login:
username" on the right hand side and click it. Within the browser URL you
will see your user ID.


ยทยทยท -- Eric D. Helms Red Hat Engineering Ph.D. Student - North Carolina State University