Attaching a Pulp 2 smart proxy to a Pulp 3 Katello server


It is my understanding that Pulp 3 server with Pulp 2 smart proxy is meant to be a supported scenario (at least for some transition period).

However, when trying to install a Pulp 2 smart proxy using the certs tar from a Pulp 3 server we are running into the following error: “No package available”

It looks like Katello 4.1 servers do not add this package when generating the proxy certs tar (foreman-proxy-certs-generate), but older smart proxies that still have Pulp 2 on them (Katello 3.18) expect it.

Expected outcome:

I can install a Pulp 2 based smart proxy (Katello 3.18) for a Pulp 3 based server (Katello 4.1).

The intended scenario we envisioned was that you can upgrade the server to a Pulp 3 based server and then upgrade any external proxies. We did not envision, nor aim to support, installing a new Pulp 2 based external proxy when the server has been updated to a newer version of Katello.

What is the use case, if the server is at Katello 4.1, and you wanted a new external proxy, that you would not install a Katello 4.1 external proxy but an older version?

No need to convince me, but I am almost certain some customer will come up with a reason why they need to add another smart proxy, and why it has to be the old one that they know how to install without errors, and you said you would support Pulp 2 proxy with Pulp 3 server! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: