Automate provisioning of foreman / katello

**Problem: I want to automate provisioning our foreman / katello instance.
I’ve tried to use our current puppet setup to do this but was only partly succesful. It’s a complex setup of modules and params.
I’ve since rebuild our system manually and tried to use the api to export all the settings (products, repo’s, organization) in an attempt to get a working base to automate the process. Although this works, it’s not a simple export - import mechanism and requires a lot of manual labour.
Also tried to use the ansible katello module (nailgun) the same way as the api.

So I’m guess I’m wondering how do you all provision foreman / katello?
Manually set it up and start clicking / typing in the gui?
Api / hammer / nailgun?

Have a look at

and of course: forklift

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I use with (which is just an interface for the ansible modules that @Bernhard_Suttner mentioned)

Thank you!
Will check these and update this thread