Avoid using puppet agent

I have around 1000s host, which have different kind of OS installed.

When we install puppet-agent our software doesn’t work correctly.

Is there a way I can avoid using puppet agent on my hosts?

But also I need to keep my hosts information up-to-date in Foreman


Could you clarify this?

There’s no requirement to do so. Provision them without a Puppet master and Puppet CA set and the shipped provisioning templates will not set it up.

We are having our own configured OS which we ship to clients.
When we test in our environment we don’t want any third party software to be installed on that hosts.
If we do that we are not able to gather correct facts.
So we avoid using any other software except approved by our customers.

But we also want to have correct information getting synced to our Foreman.

Can you please guide how to sync host information, without using puppet agent?

Without some kind of agent, this is going to be hard. Foreman core has support for puppet, but there are plugins for ansible/salt/chef as well. Ansible e.g. can gather facts by sshing into the hosts. But I believe this is nothing that is done on a periodic basis by default.

We have an internal agent written in go (we call the project “blossom”) that can report some facts to Foreman. Would you be interested in this, maybe even contributing to this project if it was open source?

I would be interested to look into blossom project. Can you please share the details?

It’s closed source right now, but I’ll try to persuade the developers to publish it. :slight_smile: