Azure Plugin Missing/Broken?

Installing Azure plugin. In production release 1.20 there doesn’t seem to be any support for Azure. In nightly release it fails with seemingly irreverent error messages.

Expected outcome:
When running the instructions found at the plugin does not seem to exist.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
1.20 and 1.21 - Plugin does not exist.
Nightly - attempted install fails.

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
N/A (missing) and nightly (broken)

Other relevant data:
OS: CentOS 7.6.1810 running on Azure
Foreman Installed via:

Why does the documentation still list a plugin that is not included?

Hello, thanks for looking into Azure plugin. This first reason this plugin is broken because it has been written against V1 of the azure API which we believe is no longer wanted. The second being fog dependencies.

So, we are now actively working to bring the Foreman Azure RM plugin which is against the Resource Manager V2 API. In addition to this, we are also on our way to upgrade fog and the related dependencies.

Thank you for your quick reply. Is there a time frame for this? I’d really like to deploy Foreman but lack of an Azure plugin is a show stopper.



We are currently planning to have this supported for Foreman 1.22, which should be GA around mid-May. you can follow Foreman 1.22 schedule and planning for the timeline and updates, and if you will be able to test the functionality with 1.22 release candidates that would be super helpful in getting it steady in time for GA!

Was just checking to see with 1.22RC2 available if the Azure plugin is available now as well?

@apuntamb is working on getting the azure plugin working again so would be best to update on the status of current progress

Hi @bigwill2529! There are certain compatibility issues from fog-azure-rm due to which the development has been a bit delayed. However, the work is in progress and will keep posting the updates. :slight_smile: