Best way to configure « provisioning setup » without UI

I would like to install and configure Foreman without manual step.
But, for the moment, I don’t know how configure the provisioning setup part without using UI.
I didn’t find API to do this.
Can you help me?

If i m not wrong, the provisioning setup wizard just create a subnet, so using hammer cli to create it (and domains) and using foreman-installer to enable/configure dhcp/tftp services could do the trick.
It s still some things to run, but not in GUI


We have Ansible role that tries to set up Foreman for provisioning on local libvirt for quick testing, it may give you an inspiration how to do the things you need. In a nutshell, the role just runs installer to enable tftp, dns and dhcp on proxy. Its dependency uses hammer to create compute resource, domain, subnet and a couple of other things.

I can confirm, the setup UI is just a helper to guide you through. All you need to run is our installer with proper options and then to create OS, install media, subnet, domain, proxy… depending on what you want to set up.