Bug report: interfaces pane in create new host UI disappears, requiring starting over

Problem: After setting up compute profiles to have good defaults for various values, the “interfaces” tab of the “create new host” workflow glitches.

Specifically, on the “interfaces” tab I click the “edit” button. The background dims out and a panel appears, overlaying the page, showing details on that interface so I can edit it. So far so good.

But then the panel disappears, but the background remains dimmed out. I can’t click on any buttons on the page (e.g. I can’t click “edit” to open the panel again). “Escape” does nothing. The only apparent solution is to reload the page and restart the host creation process.

A smaller issue that is probably related: since adding the compute profiles, the various tabs of the “create host” workflow are slower to load. There is a big delay after choosing the compute profile on the hosts tab, while the wheel spins at the top of the screen. I can load the virtual machine tab, but it shows the wrong defaults. Then if I click to a different tab (e.g. OS) and click back to the virtual machine tab, then the defaults are correctly showing as defined in the compute profile.

Expected outcome: The interfaces editing panel should not disappear without user action being taken. It should especially not disappear and leave the page unusable.

Foreman and Proxy versions: 3.7

Distribution and version: Debian 11.7

Other relevant data: The compute profile isn’t anything fancy, it’s just defaults for disk size, CPU count, etc. The full details are: --compute-attributes cpus=4,memory=8589934592 --volume capacity=30G,allocation=0G,format_type=qcow2 --interface compute_bridge=br21

Workaround: By waiting a bunch before clicking that “edit” button in the first place, and then also hitting “edit” and then quickly hitting “cancel” so the panel doesn’t disappear, waiting a bit more, etc., I can then open the panel and edit the interface (e.g. to set a static IP) without it disappearing on me. Probably not all of the waiting and hitting cancel is actually necessary; I haven’t found the exact limits on what is necessary for the panel to not disappear. But it shouldn’t disappear at all and this is very annoying.

Hi! I think providing your browser setup might be quite helpful. Could you try the reproducer with different browser, ideally without any ad/tracker blockers or other stuff that could mess with the javascript?
Is there anything logged into browser console? How about foreman server logs?

I’m using Chrome Version 118.0.5993.70 (Official Build) (arm64).

The bug didn’t show up when I tried to reproduce it again. (Though it had happened several times before I wrote the above post.) I’ll keep an eye on it and if it happens again, I’ll gather more details and update the thread here.