Call for help: Foreman needs your translation skills

Hello everyone,

it is my honour to announce today, that as of today Foreman has been
fully localized. Our team extracted over 1,300 strings and all of these
are ready for translations.

Currently we have four active languages: English, Spanish, German and
Japanese. The most complete one is Spanish (6 per cent translated),
followed by German (5 %) and Japanese (0 % :slight_smile:

We have integrated our codebase with, the best
translation cloud service - completely free for open-source projects. To
read more please visit

You can find Foreman project on the following URL

where you can join the translation team and start translating right away
without leaving your browser in a nifty and handy interface. It is
possible to add new languages using Transifex as well.

The Transifex site automatically updates source POT file and we will be
fetching new translations into our "develop" branch on a regular basis.

Geeks are able to help with translations without leaving their
Vim/Emacs/* editors too, all gettext files resides in our git in the
locale/ directory.

If you want to read more about translating Foreman, please head over to

The most important thing is if you want to start Foreman in the
production mode, you need to generate gettext translation binary files
first using

rake locale:pack

(alias for rake gettext:pack)

or if you prefer GNU Make and GNU Gettext then

make -C locale all-mo

If you want to do additional checks (e.g. you want to test your
translations) do

make -C locale check all-mo

One more thing, there is currently no UI for changing your language. By
default, Foreman takes your web browser language preferences. If you
want to change the language for whole session (meaning until you log
out), add ?locale=XX to your URL. For example visit:


and Foreman will remember the language setting for the session.

Also, there are few parts of Foreman UI which has not been extracted for
translation yet (e.g. JavaScript resources, permission names, roles,
audit - listed on the wiki page above).

Feel free to ping me with any questions.

··· -- Later,

Lukas “lzap” Zapletal
irc: lzap #theforeman