Can Foreman use AWS STS Assume role to deploy EC2 instances on multiple AWS accounts?

At present, we have one AWS account to cover all dev/test/production environments and we use Foreman running in EC2 instance to provision & manage the EC2 instances using IAM role (instance profile) instead of using Access/Secret keys.

But we are looking at using different AWS accounts for different environments. Obviously, we have only one Foreman instance to manage all the AWS accounts. Can Foreman use STS assume role in other AWS accounts to manage the EC2 instances?

or, is there a better option other than having to use access/secret keys for managing multiple AWS accounts in Foreman?

Appreciate the help.

Expected outcome:
Foreman to use STS assume role to leverage its IAM role on other AWS accounts

Foreman and Proxy versions: Foreman/proxy/ec2plugin all are at v3.5.1

Distribution and version: Rocky Linux 8.7