Can issue commands via nsupdate locally but not via foreman

> Hello there -
> My current mini-goal is to create a host in foreman and have it create a
> DNS entry via smart proxy, but I'm a bit stuck. Locally on the dns box, I
> can successfully issue updates via nsupdate. However, not via foreman. I
> have 2 machines involved here: ns1-test (running foreman-proxy) and
> foreman-test (foreman 1.0.1). In other words, when I try to submit a host
> via foreman, I currently get: "unable to save" "create DNS record for
> task failed with the following error: 400 Bad Request"
> I figured, maybe the smart proxy on the dns box is misconfigured but In
> /etc/foreman-proxy/settings.yml, "dns" is set to true, and "dns_key" is
> pointing to my key in /etc/named. Of course, restarted the foreman-proxy
> service afterwards. I currently using the public key, as that was I was
> using when testing nsupdate. Tried the private key for funsies, but still
> failed.
> Here's some other troubleshooting I've tried so far:
> * looked at the /features webpage - it reports that dns is managed
> * double check that the dns smart proxy is associated to the domain.
> * tcpdump on ns1-test does show packets from foreman-test when you click
> submit to add a host
> * enabled debugging in foreman's production.rb (seemed to be not much
> help, as it seems ruby or RoR layer centric)
> Any tips? I bet it something obvious that I cannot see currently.

turn on debug log level on your proxy config file, I'm guessing its a
permissions issue where your proxy cant execute nsupdate / read the key
file etc.

> Oh yes, by the way, since I'm a first time poster I must announce and
> remind you all that Foreman is awesome.



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