Can we use foreman-maintain for backup smart proxy server?

Problem: error “Make sure Foreman DB is up” while running foreman-maintain backup online -y /backup

Expected outcome: successful backup

Foreman and Proxy versions: 3.4.0 and 3.4.0

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions: 3.4.0 and 3.4.0

Distribution and version:

Other relevant data:

I would expect it to work on a smart proxy, yeah.

As it doesn’t for you, I’d consider this a bug and we should fix it. But before that, I’d like to ask a few questions:

  1. did you try an offline backup? does that one work at any chance?
  2. is that a smart proxy with or without content (katello) features? I assume without?
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I just tried on a nightly setup and both online and offline backups of a proxy with content worked fine.

yes evgeni, it looks fine on taking backup of smart proxy.

Did you change anything? There are no differences between the version in 3.4 and in nightly that should affect this.

yes i saw foreman was installed in smart proxy server so the backup was looking for foreman DB which eventually not exist in smart proxy, so uninstalled foreman from smart proxy and left foreman-proxy in the server which solved the issue to take a backup of smart proxy using foreman-maintain. Thanks.

Ah yeah, that makes sense!

Cool that it works.