Cancel or modify scheduled jobs

I am running foreman 3.1.2 in our production environment and i have set up a schedule to execute a puppet run from foreman. This puppet run is working fine however i want to modify it to include additional hosts however i can not see any evident way to view the schedule. if i delete the queued job it simply spawns another to run as per the schedule.

How can i modify a scheduled job from within the interface? even if i schedule a job to run on a host group. it does not update the job based on what is in that host group.
I am not sure if this is a bug or if it is meant to work this way.

You can’t really. Cancel it and create a new one from scratch.

It depends whether you use static or dynamic targeting. If you used static, then the list of hosts on which it should run is generated only once and then it runs only on those hosts. If you use dynamic, then the search is evaluated separately for each repetition.

but that’s the thing i can’t see any way to cancel it. and when i cancel the pending job it creates a new one based on the shedule

Ah. Go to job’s details, there to the “recurring logic” tab, click the id, then in top right corner there should be a dropdown which should allow you to cancel the whole repetition, not just a single run.