Cannot boot anymore Discovery image

Can you enable debug and pastebin whole production.log transaction from the first and then the second fact upload? There must be some more detailed error thrown.

@lzap many thanks for your help!

Here is the requested log file

Is it possible that there already is a host with mac48df374de058 hostname probably in a different organization or even managed? Some leftover, when transaction errors out Foreman can have an invalid record in the db. Delete it.

Hi @lzap

Indeed… I played directly with the foreman DB, and I found an invalid record under the hosts table. By invalid, I mean that this record does not appear in the web interface.

To properly delete this host (id=511), I used these commands

foremandb=> DELETE FROM fact_values WHERE host_id=511;                                                                                                                                       
foremandb=> DELETE FROM nics WHERE host_id=511;                                                                                                                                              
foremandb=> DELETE FROM hosts WHERE id = 511;                                                                                                                                                

I was so happy… until after rebooting the server and starting the discovery… the “Name has already been taken” error appeared again, and new records for this hosts/nics/facts have been added in the database tables.

How can I fix it?

@lzap one more thing.

I think I have found a way to reproduce it… I have a 2nd server to provision. The discovery was working well for this server, facts were sent, and the host appeared under “Discovered hosts”.

Yesterday afternoon I tried to provision it, and received an error. Did not take a screenshot, but the related log from production.log is here

The thing is, now the discovery fails with the “Name has already been taken” also for this host.

My guess is that a failed provisioning from a discovered host generates something invalid inside the DB.

Yes, we have seen that. Let’s investigate that, would you mind opening a new thread? This is a different story.

We do not use SQL transactions because of orchestration framework, therefore when something bad happens during provisioning there is no rollback :frowning:

Absolutely no problem, you are right :wink:

I opened it here

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