Cannot delete old Compute Resource

Hi Everybody,

I’m quite new to Foreman, so this might be a silly question\problem

I am trying to remove an old compute resource from Foreman, but I get the below error: (oVirt) is being used by a hidden Host::Managed resource

This is after I had to redeploy my oVirt Engine. I have created a new Compute Resource that works fine, but removing the old one seems nearly impossible :slight_smile:

Expected outcome:

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Other relevant data:

This means that there is something referencing this host in other Organization or Location. Become administrator to see more.

Hi Izap,

Thanks for the response.

I am currently logged on as the administrator, but I cannot find anything still referencing this host. When I go to my locations, and I want to remove the compute resource, it also just says “This is used by a host”

The only host I currently have is my foreman host, but it seems there is a hidden host somewhere. Is there a way to display hidden hosts?

This is the only host I see:

In the top bar you need to select Any Organization + Any Location to see them all.

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Absolute champion! I see that the Default Organization was still pointing to the old Compute Resource, removed it from the organization and it resolved the issue.

Thanks a lot Izap :slight_smile:



We all have been there. Cheers.

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