Cannot use "file" type repository in Katello 4.1

I had the same. The problem is that the create task got stuck with error but didn’t finish. Thus locks are active. (I guess that’s a bug…)

Open the task that has the lock (the paused task). Open the dynflow console. The CreateRemote step is in error state but should have a “Skip” link. Click on “Skip” then resume the task. It should finish and release the locks.

ah! That SKIP link is really hard to see. Thank you. I’m good now. MUCH appreciated…!

Revisiting this:

Every time I do a foreman upgrade, my /etc/pulp/ file gets overridden and my customization gets lost (adding “/var/www/html” to the allowed import paths). I have to have the extra path to allow the file type repository to work.

INCREDIBLY annoying.

Adding a new reply here to see if anyone has any ideas? With regards to all of the above, this all works *using “file:////var/www/html” added to the pulp So that part is great.

BUT: another rpm update some time ago OVERWROTE my recently. AGAIN.

And every time that happens of course, all my syncs blow up.