Can't be blank

Were busy with foreman to connect to VMware vcenter. And we run into this
error of foreman.

: 2016-12-08 14:26:01 [app] [W] Failed listing datacenters
> Timeout::Error: execution expired
“| Started PUT "/compute_resources/test_connection" for at
2016-12-08 13:56:06 +0100
2016-12-08 13:56:06 [app] [I] Processing by
ComputeResourcesController#test_connection as /
2016-12-08 13:56:06 [app] [I] Parameters: {"utf8"=>"✓",
"authenticity_token"=>"removed=", "compute_resource"=>{"name"=>"removed",
"provider"=>"Vmware", "description"=>"", "server"=>"removed",
"user"=>"removed", "password"=>"[FILTERED]",
"set_console_password"=>"[FILTERED]", "location_ids"=>[""],
"organization_ids"=>["", "3"]}, "fakepassword"=>"[FILTERED]",

Foremand/redhat states that the permissions needed :

All Privileges -> Datastore -> Allocate Space, Browse datastore, Update
Virtual Machine files
All Privileges -> Network -> Assign Network
All Privileges -> Resource -> Assign virtual machine to resource pool
All Privileges -> Virtual Machine -> Configuration (All)
All Privileges -> Virtual Machine -> Interaction (All)
All Privileges -> Virtual Machine -> Inventory (All)
All Privileges -> Virtual Machine -> Provisioning (All)

But we do not know on what level in VMware.
Is there someone that can help out on what parts the permissions are
needed? Or how we can troubleshoot this further?