CentOS 7 & 8 EPEL repo sync issues


I noticed today that my CentOS 7 and 8 EPEL repos are not syncing and the error message is

This repository uses features which are incompatible with 'mirror' sync. Please sync without mirroring enabled.

Does that mean, that i have to disable “Mirror on sync” or is there another way to fix this ?

Foreman - 3.0.0
Katello -

I think that’s exactly what it means, Im not familiar of another way to keep that enabled and sync succesfully.

Okay. So if disable “Mirror of sync”, then it begins to consume more disk space (as i understand, it will keep the older version of packages as well). Is there a way to do some clean up after some time period ?

I think the latest pulp-rpm package should handle that. At least, I have read something about this in the changelog…

I updated all my packages today and including python3-pulp-rpm package ( python3-pulp-rpm-3.14.6-2) :thinking:
But it didnt solve my issue.

And you have restarted after the update?

I just tried myself. You are right. It still shows the error. See This repository uses features which are incompatible with ‘mirror’ sync

Thanks for testing and also sharing the topic, that I didn’t notice before :slight_smile:
Lets wait the fix or that third mode.