CentOS 8.4 BaseOS Sync error

That’s very unlikely that it’s the same problem. You have to check and post the exact error message from each sync. Just because a sync was incomplete or had an error doesn’t mean it’s the same problem. Check the exact error message from each failed sync. Only if you have those “Invalid hyperlink - Incorrect URL match” and other messages in a sync it is the same problem. So far only, it seems only the BaseOS is affected and the sync also works the second time. So taking all together, it’s really unlikely you have the same problem. You need to check the exact errors…

For the error "Invalid hyperlink - Incorrect URL match." I believe you are hitting this issue:


That was resolved in Fixes #33044 - re-use existing publication on sync by jlsherrill · Pull Request #9476 · Katello/katello · GitHub

The root cause was that we updated pulp to 3.14 within katello 4.1 to solve a host of issues and did not realize that pulp was now returning publication hrefs as part of its ‘created_resources’ list within its task response.

NOTE: A workaround for this is to disable ‘mirror on sync’ within the repository details
We’re prepping a 4.1.2 release to resolve this hopefully very soon.

Oh, yes. 4.1.1 was a very unfortunate update, starting with the earlier release of 2.5.2, that nasty bug in pulp_rpm and this thing… Would have been better to include that in a minor release instead of a simple update…

O.K. I guess I’ll wait for 4.1.2 for this fix and the filelist/changelog fix. Then run necessary repairs. And then, hopefully, it’s all working again…

You are right… After looking closely at the logs its seems that i am running into the same problem described here (Issues with one specific repsository [Foreman 2.5 / Katello 4] - pulp) with an error - raise asyncio.TimeoutError from None\n". Funny thing is that if i run Advanched Sync \ Validate Content Sync, all goes well without issues but notning is downloaded.

I did a fresh install, and overlooked that CentOS Base hadn’t sync’ed correctly.
Of course, promoting a content-view with a repo like this is hanging.

This is my biggest gripe with Foreman as-is: it’s almost impossible to get out of a situation like that without re-installing.

Maybe, if you are a developer and know what you’re doing.

Well, I have just updated 4.1.2 and it fixes those issues. With 4.1.1 even a reinstallation would really help you. All you had to do is wait for 4.1.2. I know it’s annoying. For me is was 8 days in standby with no updates through katello. I had to install some security updates through the upstream repos. Katello 4.1.1 was very unfortunate. But still, I don’t see the need for aggressive measure like reinstalling the whole server… So far, all issues eventually were resolved through updates…

Did you install from nightly? As far as I can see, it hasn’t been released yet, officially.

No. I am using the official repositories for 2.5/4.1. It’s not officially announced, yet, but it’s in the repositories:


containing katello-4.1.2 and most importantly pulp-rpm 3.14.0.

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It seems it does only exist for CentOS 7.
Which explains why it doesn’t show up for me.

Ah, now it’s there…

However, pulp-rpm 3.14.0 is still missing in the EL8 pulpcore repo.

Yup. Better wait a little longer.

Not jumping the gun this time.

Is it me or is pulp-rpm 3.14 still missing from the repo?
Or am I just not looking at the right place?

@jeremylenz pulp-rpm 3.14.0 is still missing from the EL8 repo. Is there a reason for that?

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I have pulpcore 3.14.1 but still issues with AlmaLinux. Sync works fine but publishing cv always fails with:

Error message: the server returns an error HTTP status code: 400 Response headers: {“Date”=>“Mon, 02 Aug 2021 08:24:26 GMT”, “Server”=>“gunicorn”, “Content-Type”=>“application/json”, “Vary”=>“Accept,Cookie”, “Allow”=>“GET, POST, HEAD, OPTIONS”, “X-Frame-Options”=>“SAMEORIGIN”, “Content-Length”=>“112”, “Correlation-ID”=>“ab04c0ee-998a-41f9-b09a-5978300134a6”, “Access-Control-Expose-Headers”=>“Correlation-ID”, “Via”=>“1.1 fm.ba.valantic.com”, “Connection”=>“close”} Response body: [“URI /pulp/api/v3/publications/rpm/rpm/d1cadba3-366d-4503-81e8-027227878097/ not found for repositoryversion.”]

You need to update. pulpcore 3.14.3 is the latest. And more importantly, you also need the latest pulp-rpm version 3.14.0.

If your server is running el8 those are still missing in the repositories…

Yes this installation is on el8, looks like i have to wait for that update.

I also run repair.py from Issue #9107: filelists and changelog metadata is not parsed properly - Pulp saves incorrect filelists and changelog metadata and generates incorrect metadata - RPM Support - Pulp, found hugh amount of broken metadata.

You can run the repair script several times. There may also be some packages which “look broken” but in fact are not, thus you may end up with a constant number of packages to be repaired.

Basically each time you sync new packages from remote repositories into your foreman server with the broken pulp-rpm 3.13 version you’ll need to run the repair script to fix the missing filelists and changelogs. With pulp-rpm 3.14 the filelists are synced correctly again and thus one last repair run should fix the remaining broken packages.

As a fellow AlmaLinux User, do you have any issue with packages shown as “to update” but there is nothing to apply? i have this issue with several perl appstreams for example perl-IO-Socket-SSL?

This has nothing to do with this topic. There is a topic on the applicability problem with katello 4.