Centos 8.5 provisioning fails with storage service failure

Provisioning CentOS 8.5 fails with Service org.fedoraproject.Anaconda.Modules.Storage activation/start failure
Mainly wondering if this is a “me” problem or a general Foreman provisioning problem

Expected outcome:
Creating host with latest CentOS succeeds

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Latest foreman/katello as of today.

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
Server running CentOS 7, all latest updates installed

Other relevant data:


I have never seen this one before, can you share your hardware configuration (specifically related to storage) and full kickstart? Make sure to delete the root password :slight_smile:

Before i went to get the provisioning template and such i figured i’d try it one more time to make sure i was getting a borked template to post, and now it appears to work.
Might have been an issue with our vmware instance or some obscure bug i was hitting that has been fixed as now it’s working fine… i’ll have a chat with one of our vmware guys to see if there was some issue with storage in the last week since this doesn’t appear to have been a Foreman bug.
Thanks for the response though, sorry to have wasted your time.