CentOS versioning question


When When I provision hosts using CentOS with the defined OS as CentOS 7.6 after the first puppet run, the hosts receives a different OS version ex: 7.6.1810 (probably because of the puppet facts[‘os’].[‘full’]

I would like to keep my default versioning scheme as I have defined it in Foreman (eg: CentOS 7.6 or CentOS 7.5, etc…)

Foreman Version 1.20.1

We encountered the same issue. As far as I know the versioning scheme for CentOS changed not so long ago. Don’t know if just in Foreman or for CentOS in general but it gave us some headache with PXE-Boot. We know use the exact version (including e.g. 1804) in the upstream url.


Yes but I am wondering if there is still a way to use the old versioning with 2 digits (eg: 7.6) in foreman as I don`t want to change the defined OS name.

Just use description to your liking. Put CentOS into the name, minor and major versions including the 1804 and then in the OS description say “CentOS 7.6” or whatever you like. We aways prefer to display this description, if not it’s a bug and let’s fix this.