Cert errors katello/foreman


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Good morning. The install went flawlessly. Thanks for the good documentation.
Do you also have documentation regarding migrating all my hosts from the old server running foreman/katello to the one I just built? Once I have all the server hosts registered, I will be back in business after I run a few patching and get all the repositories (not in that order…LOL). If you put in the link, I would appreciate it.



Hi Mark,

Glad to hear about your success! There is no specific migration process per se (at least not that I am aware of). The hosts will need to be registered to your new Katello with subscription-manager after installing the new katello-ca-consumer-noarch.rpm from your server according to the docs: https://theforeman.org/plugins/katello/3.10/user_guide/content_hosts/index.html


Hi Jonathon,

Cool, thank you. I am at the point to add a “GPG Keys” from the article below, but I cannot see any heading “GPG Keys”.

Should I not be following this article? If not, Can you suggest another article?



GPG Keys have been renamed ‘Content Credentials’ as GPG Keys are only one aspect


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Sorry for being a pain… I’m sure I will have more question.



No problem at all. My suggestion now though would be to create a new topic if you run into more roadblocks since we’ve gotten well past the initial scope of this thread but you don’t have to. Thanks!



I will do that on the next question. Your help so far, was second to none!

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