Change Remote Execution Interface

Hi all,

i'm facing that Problem in Foreman 13.2, 1.14.3 and 1.15.1.

On Some Hosts we need to change the Interface that will be used to
establish the connections.

So when i try to do the change with Host --> edit --> interface --> edit
–> select remote execution , the selection will not be saved after I
pressed submit.
Even if i get the Warning that another Interface is already configured and
i am sure to do this.Try also to de-configure the former interface is not
It only works when the host is the first time provisioned/saved. Afterwards
the change is not possible anymore…

So we have a different Interfaces for Provisioning and Remote Execution.
But both are Managed. The Remote Execution is also the Primary and a
virtual one with VLAN Tag.

Maybe i do something wrong or it is really a bug.

Thanks for your help.