Change splash screen on login Foreman 1.24

Change background splash Login screen

Expected outcome:
Customised splash screen

Foreman and Proxy versions:

I am trying to create plugin to allow the customisation on the login screen but I can track down the background images I need to set\override. Anyone with any pointers to help me?

I think I can see the render creating the page but I don’t know how it creates the background


module LoginHelper
def login_props
token: form_authenticity_token,
version: SETTINGS[:version].version,
caption: Setting[:login_text],
alerts: flash_inline,
logoSrc: image_path(“login_logo.png”),

def mount_login
render(‘common/login’, props: login_props)

Hey, thanks for doing this :slight_smile:
here is the list of props that the react component gets: foreman/LoginPage.js at develop · theforeman/foreman · GitHub

You can pass the backgroundUrl prop from the server with the correct assets path from rails,
or you can also override the css with something like:

$bg-img: image-url('login_bg.svg');
$bg-color: some-color;
$bg-repeat: no-repeat;

#login-page { 
  .login-pf {
    background-image: $bg-img;
    background-color: $bg-color;
    background-repeat: $bg-repeat;

thanks for the response but I not sure this is available in Foreman 1.24, I can’t see how I can adopt this in 1.24?. Any thoughts

Hey @802105576

Just curious as to why you need to have Foreman 1.24?
Is there something preventing you from upgrading?

Hey @802105576 would you like to meet and discuss about it? You can ping me on IRC: rlavi or

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Hi, I am a bit late to the Foreman development, and have recently started to build a Foreman 3.1 test environment, where we use Foreman to be the ENC for Puppet, which I am also upgrading to 7.31 in the same test area. So my question would now be related to Foreman 3.1 Splash Background.

I work for British Telecom (BT) in the UK and BT presentation layer is Purple and I would like to reflect that on the Login Spash panel, also a BT logo if that was acceptable to yourselves?

Kevin Parry